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Safe Anchoring Tips to Keep Inflatable Jumping Castle a Long Run

A safe anchoring is must for whoever run it just as home game for kids or for their seasonal rental business or for their giant inflatable park. Well, some measures to keep the jumping castle playing safe must be adopted. And the first measure should be a safe anchoring.
Tips on safe anchoring are offered here. Keep patient and go through the following ideas.

1. The manufacturer will provide safe anchoring instruction for you. Some basic information is that the inflatable bounce castles will never anchor on their own. They are inflated and huge. They can move or fall down to one side and easily moved by the strong winds. Or one kid’s jumping may lead to fall directly onto the ground.

2. Learn more about your jumper if you are fist time to blow it up. You can find there are D-rings on some parts of the inflatable item, which are meant for anchoring. You can secure your jumper with tiding the ropes through these D-rings. It is advice that never try to anchor on the other points a these D-rings will be the best point for anchoring not just ‘cause it is not recommended but for it will lead to leak or damage to your jumping castles.

3. And staking is for soft ground anchoring. When come to those concrete ground, you can try the sandbags.
4. Never operate the inflatable jumping castles or other inflatable attraction in winds exceeding 15-20 MPH. You will need to check the wind ratings when it is blowing strongly outside and make sure whether it is safe for your anchoring or not. And weather broadcast is also one necessity

5. Don’t just secure your anchoring stakes to those objects which may move away if kids are playing and jumping on your jumping castles. Surely you will never get the anchoring effect if you just anchor it this way.