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Iam suffering from PCOD AMD have acne on face does evecare help me to get rid of pimples and pcod

If someone previously operated for fibroid with complicated severe dysmenorrhea takes evere care 2caps twice a daydoes it mean that the painful menstruation will go away and not disturb the person again?

Himalaya Evecare Capsule is indicated for relief from premenstrual syndromedysfunctional uterine bleeding and assisted conceptionThe Himalaya Evecare Capsule is helpful in treating menstrual disorders like heavy bleedingirregular periods and abdominal crampsIt can be consumed for increasing the level of hemoglobinregulating reproductive function and also treating anemia due to uterine disordersThe Himalaya Evecare capsule is also recommended for general weakness in women.

Res sir In pcod can evecare be started anytime in the month or specifically on the 4th day of periods plz guide.

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