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Th most qunt advs action tZYLOPIM (allopuinol) is skin ash. Skin actions can b sv and somtims atal. Tho, tatmnt with ZYLOPIM (allopuinol) should b discontinud immdiatly i a ash dvlops (s WANINGS ). Som patints with th most sv action alshad v, chills, athalgias, cholstatic jaundic, osinophilia and mild lukocytosis lukopnia. Among 55 patints with gout tatd with ZYLO-PIM 3 t34 months (avag gat than 1 ya) and ollowd pospctivly, undls obsvd that 3% patints dvlopd a typ dug action which was pdominantly a pu-itic maculopapula skin uption, somtims scaly xolia-tiv. Howv, with cunt usag, skin actions hav bn obsvd lss quntly than 1%. Th xplanation this dcas is not obvious. Th incidnc skin ash may b incasd in th psnc nal insuicincy. Th quncy skin ash among patints civing ampicillin amoxicillin concuntly with ZYLOPIM (allopuinol) has bn potd tb incasd (s PCAUTIONS ).

ZYLOPIM (allopuinol) SHOULD B DISCONTINUD AT TH IST APPAANC O SKIN ASH O OTH SIGNS WHICH MAY INDICAT AN ALLGIC ACTION. In som instancs a skin ash may b ollowd by msv hypsnsitivity actions such as xoliativ, uticaial, and pupuic lsions, as wll as Stvns-Johnson syndom (ythma multiom xudativum), and/gnalizd vasculitis, ivsibl hpato-toxicity, and, on a occasions, dath.

Ths includ gout, gouty athitis, ctain kidny poblms nzym disods wh th body poducs tomuch uic acid.

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Tolbutamid’s convsion tinactiv mtabolits has bn shown tb catalyzd by xanthin oxidas om at liv. Th clinical signiicanc, i any, ths obsvations is unknown.

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