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MLB Betting Lines: How to Calculate MLB Baseball Parlay Payouts

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About betting a baseball , thinking, but don’t know if it’s a play that is wise? Here’s a look at just how baseball parlays work and the returns you will get if you win your wager.
For starters, baseball parlays are a little different than other parlays. For instance, in basketball and football there are fixed payouts for the amount of plays you create. The reason for that is in these sports, nearly all the betting is done on the spread, in which the very same odds can be found on the favorite and the underdog. In baseball, the majority of the bets come in on the money line, in which the preferred could be recorded at -200 and the underdog at +175. If there were fixed payouts in baseball, everyone would just load up on each of the favorites that are big and win at a pretty high rate.
Instead of fixed payouts, your cash is built progressively through every bet. As an example, say you had a 50 three team parlay on the Yankees -150, Dodgers +115, and Braves -135. The first $50 bucks will be bet on the Yankees -150, if that wins then you’d be up t0 $83.33. That $83.33 would subsequently be wager on the Dodgers +115, if that wins you’d be around $179.16. As you might have figured, the 179.16 would subsequently be placed on Braves -135, if this wins you end up winning your parlay and walking away with $311.87. Not a bad $261.87 profit ($311.87 -$50) in your $50 wager. It does not matter the order you calculate the odds the winnings are the same. If any of the 3 bets happens to lose, you lose your $50 and walk away with nothing.
The next thing I wish to explain is how to calculate the returns so that you know how much cash you’re looking at winning with your parlay bet. This can be a bit tricky at first, but I will include an example later that should make it a lot easier to comprehend.

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