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Inflatable Mattress

Inflatable mattress can be called as inflatable bed, air mattress or air bed. You must have seen such kind of inflatable anywhere in the world. You can use it as your bedding for your houseguests or camping-out. Or you can use it as your kids’ amusement toy for they can bounce on it.

Inflatable mattress has all kinds of shapes to let you choose from, including cartoon characters and movie themes. Or if you want choose some plaint styles, there are inflatable mattresses just for sleeping. Inflatable mattress is available in from children’s size to the queen size. As many people don’t have big size beds in their guest rooms, the inflatable mattress with big sizes are very useful for them. They can inflate the mattress when the guests come to their place, if there are a large number in the amount or the guest grows up to be a strong and large body shape. Then in the spare time, you can deflate the inflatable mattress into your closet without bothering you much.

Next, you should know the accessories of the inflatable mattress, such as pump, pillow, footrest, and top cover. You can inflate the inflatable mattress in a very short time by its professional pumps. There are various pumps, such as the hand pump, foot pedal pump and the electric pump. But definite the electric pump is the most effective pump among them. And it is also the most energy-saving one. In fact, there is another method which can blow up the inflatable mattress too, which is to use the hair dryer as a help. If you want to have a pillow to match your inflatable mattress, you can choose the pillowtop which is with inflatable mattress together. So is the footrest. Top cover is another normal requirement for the shoppers, for they all want to have soft resting place. The top cover usually is velvet, flock, or floss material. It will make the sleepers feel very comfortable. But the connection layer between mattress and the cover is ventilated so that the sleepers won’t feel too hot when they sleep on.

Inflatable mattress is an easy matcher which can be used with other camping equipment, for instance, sleeping bag. When the campers erect inflatable mattress up, they can set up the sleeping bag as the dome of the mattress to let the campers sleep well inside.